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You can have the fastest hardware and still notice slow network speeds due to old cables. We Got IT Covered.

General Information

New networking hardware allows data and network traffic to flow very fast in the 1-10 billions bits per second but may be throttled if you have old cabling or if your cabling is not properly terminated. As a full technology provider we assess your current cabling and give you proper recommendations to ensure your network hardware and cabling  are up-to-speed.

If you have a single office building or several and want to interconnect them with high speed fiber or Point-to-Point networking hardware you can give us a call and see how easy you ideas come to life and how easy it is to take IT off your mind.

We have teams ready to handle your requests in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan and have the ability and flexibility to expand to more provinces to provide you with the best services with maximum coverage.

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Over 25 years of experience

We have been servicing clients since 1991. We have grown with clients and have supported them to ensure maximum up time. Our long track record gives as an advantage over our competition.

We are passionate about our work

Technology for you is one part of your business among many others. To us, technology is our entire business, life and passion. Supporting your network is more than a job but our way of life.

We are improving everyday

Our team grows and enhances with every service call. We use our new learnt skills towards providing better services to clients like you.

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