Hardware and Software Procurement



Our partnerships with best-in-class technology extend the benefits to you as a client.

General Information

Selecting the proper hardware and software for your network could be complicated, CompuFix simplifies it by selecting the best systems for your network taking in consideration where you are and where you want to be. Selecting in-appropriate hardware or software for your network may cause interruption to your normal processes as well as may cause you to loose productivity and efficiency.

We carefully selected the brands we deal with because of their leading position in the technology world. Our partnerships don’t just help us lead our industry but allows you to benefit from them and from our experiences and processes to grow. Our specific selected SKUs were selected and shortlisted for a reason, they’re the best and we only choose the best for our clients because when you succeed, we succeed as well.¬†

Our Mission & Vision

When it comes to choosing the correct hardware and software you need to knowledgeable in all different technologies, software solutions, software licensing and many more aspects of the hardware and software you’re looking for. When you partner with us the only thing you need to know is our phone number, the rest fall in place¬†after you call us.


Why choose us?

The reasons that you should contact us

Over 25 years of experience

We have been servicing clients since 1991. We have grown with clients and have supported them to ensure maximum up time. Our long track record gives as an advantage over our competition.

We are passionate about our work

Technology for you is one part of your business among many others. To us, technology is our entire business, life and passion. Supporting your network is more than a job but our way of life.

We are improving everyday

Our team grows and enhances with every service call. We use our new learnt skills towards providing better services to clients like you.

To serve you better

We partnered with Best-In-Class vendors