Disaster Recovery Plans



Data loss is one of the biggest reasons business don’t survive from disasters. What’s your Disaster Recovery Plan?.

General Information

You need to ask yourself a very hard question, what will happen to my business if disaster strikes? Disasters can be caused by many different things from hardware failure, employee errors or natural disasters. Simple data backups aren’t enough to get your business up and running after a disaster. Our Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are designed to ensure your entire infrastructure is completely backed up in a way that would allow it to be recovered if needed in a timely fashion costing you less down time and preventing major down time that may hurt your business.

Businesses are all different but when it comes to Disaster Recovery they all share the same concern, “Are we backed up”. Contact us today to get your DRP designed or your current DRP assessed.

Our Mission & Vision

Growing your company is your mission, ensuring your technology infrastructure gets you there is ours. Our services are designed with you in mind. We use the best-in-class software systems with data stored on-premise in fireproof and waterproof stirage devices or in the cloud in data centers on Canadian soil.