Server Support Edmonton

A server is a crucial part of your network because it manages many of the critical network functions that allow your team to work. Server problems are either hardware or software related but the larger number of service calls come in result of software related problems. Your server needs to be continuously maintained as if one of a critical service stops for any reason it may cause major disruption to your network.

CompuFix offers server maintenance through our Managed IT Services as well as through on-call maintenance. The main difference is the following:

On-call support:

  1. Staff member has an issue.
  2. They discuss the issue with a near by colleague to determine if they have the same issue.
  3. Staff member contacts site contact.
  4. Site contact contacts CompuFix for support.
  5. CompuFix handles any issues remotely (or onsite if needed).

Managed IT Services:

  1. Issue is detected through an advanced monitoring system. Many times before staff notice there is a problem.
  2. Our advanced system attempts to resolve the issue.
  3. If issue isn’t fixed, a tech is scheduled and dispatched to resolve the issue.