You spent a lot of money to purchase and setup your server. You don’t have any problems so why replace it? That’s a very logical question. Servers come with a standard 3 year warranty which covers any hardware issues, both for labor and parts depending on the details of the warranty. You have the option to extend the warranty after it expires but the older the server becomes the more it will cost down the road to extend it’s warranty. Technology continuously enhances so a server that you purchased 2 or 3 years ago will definitely be slower and less efficient than a new server. Here’s a hypothetical scenario, you have had your server for 3 years and never had any hardware problems and at the warranty expiration date you decide not to replace the server or extend the warranty and then a hard drive or power supply unit fails or worse, the motherboard fails. Did you budget for that cost? Server parts are expensive and can cost at least $250-$650 for a single part. If your server is older than 5 years finding proprietary parts for it becomes a hassle and a costly purchase.

My neighbor drives a Ford F150 truck, we met outside and chatted a few days ago about some problems he had with it. Five days after his warranty expired he had some mechanical problems with his truck. He was lucky because his truck didn’t stop in the middle of the road on a busy day. What if you have an accounting firm and your server breaks down in the middle of tax season? Or you operate a retail business and your server crashes during your busy season? Or even a construction company with a very tight deadline and just when you’re about to submit your offer the server crashes? Plan for the worst to be ready to recover and to minimize losses should disaster hit, regardless of the cause.

CompuFix recommends replacing your server after 3-4 years. Four years if you decide to extend the warranty for an additional year after the standard 3 year warranty. By the time your server warranty expires processors and memory become faster and more power efficient. Hard drives might offer more storage for a lower price point which allows you to keep more files and applications. Software companies such as Microsoft may have a new operating system with new features, features that can give you and your team an advantage over your competitors.

CompuFix is a Lenovo, IBM and HPE partner and can select the best server for your needs at a competitive price. We are proud to have developed a server deployment process with 0 hour downtime. Our process allows us to replace your server without causing any interruption to your daily business routines. Contact Us today to for an estimate.

Trust CompuFix with your new server deployment. Clients in every business sector have trusted our professional team with deployment and maintenance tasks since 1991.