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Some of Our Outstanding Services

Below are some of our services. We are able to accommodate organizations with multiple locations in all provinces.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services gives you the flexibility of having unlimited support and monitoring with the comfort of a predictable monthly cost. CompuFix offers customized Managed Services plans to suit every business in every sector.

Virtual CIO

Our Virtual CIO service allows you to have a better overview of your technology infrastructure and better estimate your yearly IT expenses for support, hardware and software.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Server backups need to be done regularly through a proper Disaster Recovery Plan. With CompuFix you have the comfort of business continuity should disaster occur, regardless of the cause.

Network Design and Support

With all the network standards and new emerging technologies you need to ensure your network is properly designed. CompuFix can design your network using best-in-class hardware and proven network designs allowing your team to be efficient and productive.

Network Security

Securing your network should be a very critical part of managing your network especially when ransomware infections are on the rise. We are partners with best-in-class software and hardware security solutions.

Hardware and Software Procurement

What is the the most suitable server for your business? What's the best operating system? What PC specs do you need? And why? All these questions can be complicated to answer. CompuFix simplifies the hardware and software purchasing process. We study your business in depth and offer the best software and hardware based on your needs.


Navigating the cloud can be difficult. Website, email and virtual server hosting needs to be managed carefully. Hosting a website with an unknown company may turn to be very costly. CompuFix can walk you through the best hosting solutions for your business.

Network Cabling

Cabling infrastructure needs to be done perfectly in order to be used in the best supported speeds.

Subcontracting Services

Do you have multiple locations and need "Boots on Ground" in your Edmonton locations or anywhere around Alberta? or want to expand your reach to Edmonton? You can use our experts as an extension to your team in Edmonton and around Alberta.

Why choose us?

The reasons that you should contact us

Over 25 years of experience

We have been servicing clients since 1991. We have grown with clients and have supported them to ensure maximum up time. Our long track record gives as an advantage over our competition.

We are passionate about our work

Technology for you is one part of your business among many others. To us, technology is our entire business, life and passion. Supporting your network is more than a job but our way of life.

We are improving everyday

Our team grows and enhances with every service call. We use our new learnt skills towards providing better services to clients like you.

To serve you better

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